Tank Wines are back……

We’ve just received our latest shipment of the fabulous “Tank” Italian wines.

Our last batch sold out in record time, such was the enthusiastic reaction from our customers.

Make sure to get your hands on a bottle or two…

Highly Recommended for fans of Italian red wine.

    • Tank Primitivo “Appassimento” 2016 RRP15.99
      (Puglia / Italy)

    • Tank Nero d’Avola “Appassimento” 2015 RRP15.99
      (Sicily / Italy)

Appassimento: Italian term for drying harvested grapes, traditionally on bamboo racks or straw mats, for a few weeks, or up to several months, to concentrate the sugars, aromas and flavours. This process is used in making Amarone, Ripasso, Recioto and Sforzato wines.