Merinas Organic Wines……

Back in stock this week…our fabulous Merinas , organic wines from Spain!!

(also known as the “Sheepy Wine”…BAAAAAaaaaaaa!!)

      • Merinas Organic Verdejo 2016 RRP14.9

      • Merinas Organic “Old Vine” Tempranillo 2016 RRP14.99


Some information about Organic wines…

An organic wine is a wine made from grapes that have been grown without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides. To keep the weeds and bugs at bay, organic farmers work with nature, rather than against it, by boosting their vineyard’s biodiversity.

For example, they introduce cover crops to provide a habitat for beneficial insects that are the natural enemy of problem species, or have sheep graze between the vine rows, eating the grass and weeds.

This way, the vineyard becomes a self-regulating, natural ecosystem, which is able to combat problems intrinsically and eliminates the need for artificial chemicals.

Nowadays, to be sure that the wine you are drinking is truly organic, it must be certified. Certification is provided by an independent third-party organisation, which carries out annual audits on vineyards that have applied for organic certification, to ensure that the grapes that they grow comply with the strict standards of both the particular certifying body and the department of agriculture.

Organic farmers and winemakers love the land they work, care about the vines they tend and aim to produce cracking wines that they, their families, friends and customers can sit back, sip and enjoy.

There’s a lovely purity of fruit character to good organic wines, in my experience, and the Merinas wines are a great example!