About Us

 John McGrath and Carl Byrne, proprietors of Nectar  Wines, bring you the finest in wine and food with personal service of the highest quality.

We import our wines from small quality producers around the world and personally visit the vineyards before including the wines in our range.

Nectar Wines’ success to date can be attributed to the care and attention John and Carl display in all areas of their business from choosing suppliers to ensuring speedy delivery.

Our ranges are exclusive to Nectar Wines with many of the vineyards producing only small quantities of top quality wines.

Personal Service
We deal with our clients directly to ensure you receive the best in personal service.

John and Carl source their wines the hard way, tracking down the winemakers personally and persuading them to give them the agency for Ireland. Most of the wines come from relatively small producers, so they don’t have a wide distribution…but it’s worth seeking them out.

Myles McWeeney, Irish Independent, August 2002

It’s a healthy thing to see small wine companies coming along and offering interesting new wines to the trade, and Nectar Wines is just such an outfit. Run by John McGrath and Carl Byrne…we would walk a long way for a taste of something as fine as the Mas de Libian Viognier, made by Helene Thibon…a really smashing wine.

John Mckenna, www.bestofbridgestone.com, October 2002

“Average Life Expectancy:
59 years for a water drinker, 65 years for a wine drinker”

“87% of 100 year olds are wine drinkers”